Stand your ground; keep your cool during divorce

In many divorce cases men incorrectly assume they will not come out on top and will lost their home, child custody and be forced to pay child support and alimony. But this is simply not true and men have just as much of a right to get what they want out of a divorce settlement as women do.

For men – or really anyone going through a divorce — part of the trick is how a person presents themselves while going through the divorce process. Whether knowingly or not, actions, statements and behaviors can have a way of tipping the court’s opinion in a person’s favor — or against them. By avoiding negative actions now, a soon-to-be ex-spouse can better position themselves for a fair divorce settlement.

One of the most costly mistakes a man can make is moving out of his house once the decision to divorce has been made. It can be difficult to stand one’s ground in a shared residence after divorce has been decided. But, moving out will require a person to spend money on two residences, which can obviously become quite costly.

Speaking of finances, do not ever hide assets. It’s easy to get caught and it can ruin credibility with a divorce court judge and swing the favor toward an ex-wife.

Lastly, behavior is also important — both in and out of the courtroom. Don’t speak negatively about an ex-wife and avoid any frowned-upon activity online, particularly on social media sites as any tweets, posts and status updates can end up being submitted as evidence.

Source: Huffington Post, “The Male Side of Divorce: What Men Need to Know,” Silvana D. Raso, Aug. 7, 2012

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