DNA paternity testing on the rise

With more and more children being born to unmarried parents there has been an increase in the demand for paternity tests. In fact, this demand has been so high that in one city there is even a mobile clinic that offers DNA paternity testing on the spot. With a prescription from a doctor and roughly $299 — depending on the service — a person can stop up at the 28-foot recreational vehicle and submit a sample. About three to five days later the results are in.

When looking at why there has been an increase, with almost 500,000 DNA paternity tests done a year, one Reuters reporter points to the fact that in recent years there have been more children born to unmarried mothers. Additionally, many of the DNA tests are being requested by child support agencies.

For fathers, a DNA paternity test can ensure that he has custodial rights to his child. This is an important step to take, for even if the father’s name is on the birth certificate and the father is paying child support, without having a paternity case, the father could end up with no child custody schedule and no parental rights when it comes to decision making.

Taking a DNA paternity test is something that is rather easy and painless — even in areas where there is no mobile paternity testing RV. Typically, when there is any question regarding paternity, the mother, child and alleged father all have their mouths swapped. These samples are then sent in to a laboratory for analysis.

Of course there are also some cases where there is reason to believe the samples were contaminated, which is yet another reason why it’s a good idea for a father to contact a family law attorney as soon as paternity is even a question.

Source: TIME, “Who’s Your Daddy? A Mobile Paternity-Testing Truck Offers Answers on the Go,” Alexandria Sifferlin, Aug, 24, 2012

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