Usher talks about fatherhood during his fight for child custody

Fathers play an important role in a child’s life. Fatherhood is more than just being a caregiver to make sure that a child has the necessities in life, along with love and support, but is also about being a positive adult male role model. Sadly, sometimes during a bitter divorce or break up, not all mothers are always as cognizant of the importance of a father playing a role in a child’s life — or they have their own agendas — which means many fathers find themselves in court fighting for custodial rights.

A perfect example of this is the fact chart-topping singer Usher is in the middle of a public child custody battle with his ex-wife Tameka Foster. He is fighting for custody of his two sons, Naviyd Ely, 3, and Usher, 4. And while not all fathers in Missouri who are seeking custody will have the exact same situation going on as Usher, his beliefs on fatherhood are ones that most can relate to.

“No one knows you child like you do,” Usher said. “And it is taking the time to actively be there. It’s a day in, day out process. I’m actively doing it every day that I possibly can, and being the father to them that my father was unable to be to me.”

For fathers living in Missouri who are going through a divorce and want child custody, these words may ring true. And while fathers may at times still be facing an uphill battle when it comes to custody, an attorney who focuses on fathers’ rights can help to protect parental rights.

Source: ABC News, “Usher Wants Custody to Be the Father He Never Had,” June 28, 2012

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