Shared child custody can mean co-parenting

One of the biggest issues that many couples handle during a divorce is child custody. Usually, both parents want what is best for their children and both want shared child custody. However, sometimes parents have different ideas about what is best. If both parents share custody, they might decide to take a co-parenting approach. This means both parents are active participants in the child’s life, even if it is about an event that happened with the other parent.

While this doesn’t mean you are always going to be around your child when they are with your ex, it does require ongoing communication with your ex about the wellbeing of your child. Sometimes ex-spouses have difficulty talking, so it can be helpful to focus conversations solely on parenting your child. This could also mean allowing a child to spend time with an ex’s extended family.

When a couple get’s divorced, there can be divisive issues, and children may pick up on each parent’s hurtful comments. It may be hard to hold your tongue about another parent, but it is important that children feel comfortable developing and maintaining a relationship with both parents if co-parenting is to be successful.

An attorney can help families understand the divorce and child custody processes. By understanding child custody issues, a divorce attorney can help successfully navigate the legal system, while respecting a family’s sensitivities during changes that happen with divorce. Co-parenting can help many couples maintain shared custody and protect the best interests of their children.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Make Smart Choices For Post-Divorce Co-Parenting Success,” Rosalind Sedacca, July 23, 2012

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