Previous marriages increases the odds of divorce

While many Missouri spouses may like to believe that their second marriage is forever, the truth is those who have already been divorced in the past have an even greater chance of getting divorced again. Additionally, there is also a great risk of being hit financially harder the second or third time around.

Most people know that the divorce rate for first time marriages is 50 percent. However, what not everyone realizes is that the divorce rate increases to 67 percent when it’s a second marriage. This, on top of the fact that a person could already have obligations from a first marriage, means the financial risks increase.

For example, let’s say a father goes through a divorce and is ordered to pay child support for his two kids and alimony to his ex-wife. Years later he gets married again and has another child with his second wife. However, this second marriage does not work out and the two file for divorce. Now, his second wife is also asking for child support and alimony.

In this not-unheard-of situation, the Missouri man could end up having to make out checks each month to two different women for child support and alimony. Depending on how much he earns and how much he owes, this could leave him with very little money left over.

Of course this isn’t meant to scare a person, but rather to highlight some of the difficulties that can be associated with multiple divorces. In the end, whether it’s a first divorce or a fifth divorce, it’s always a good idea to talk to a family law attorney in order to learn what to expect and make sure divorce settlements are fair to both spouses.

Source: Reuters, “Second divorces multiple the cost and pain,” Geoff Williams, July 12, 2012

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