Disagreements over child custody arrangements can be contentious

Divorce can become quite complicated and contentious when children are involved and both parents disagree on child custody matters. Many times this can lead to each parent making false accusations against the other in order to try and paint themselves in a more positive light.

Recently, suspended Saints coach Sean Payton and his wife each filed their own divorce petitions. The two were married for close to 20 years and each are seeking different child custody arrangements.

Payton claims “discord or conflict of personalities” as the reason for the divorce. He is seeking joint custody of the couple’s two children.

However, conflicts may arise in the courtroom as his wife wants not only primary custody, but also wants exclusive rights to making decisions regarding the children. This would mean she would be the sole parent making very important decisions regarding things like their medical care and education.

She also wants Payton to pay for the children’s medical care — even though she would have exclusive rights to decisions regarding that care — and child support.

Looking to the future, for the man who planned on using his time as a suspended coach to spend more time with both of his children, one can assume that he is a hands-on father who is not going to just accept giving up some of his parental rights.

In any situation like this where a couple is in disagreement over how custody should go following a divorce, a father should act quickly to obtain legal representation and to learn what their rights as a parent are.

Source: The Associated Press, “Saints coach Sean Payton, wife of nearly 20 years file divorce petitions in Texas,” July 3, 2012

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