Lack of support for job-related stress can lead to divorce

It should come as no surprise, but marriages where spouses do not have emotional support for each other are more likely to end in divorce. And, with more spouses now both having careers and working outside of the home, not having support at home to combat daily office stressors can quickly deteriorate a marriage.

A recent university study looked at 400 working couples and asked them questions related to their marriages and level of stress. From there it was confirmed that while spouses experiencing work-related stress is normal in marriages, in those relationships where one spouse does not feel supported, it can lead to not only divorce, but can also negatively affect their career.

When looking at the opposite side of the spectrum, those spouses who said they felt support by their significant other were more likely to have better concentration at work, get along with their colleagues, and were less critical of their children and spouses.

However, in cases where spouses both came home from a busy day at work and tried to compete with each other on who had the worst day — instead of support each other — those couples were more likely to have their marriages lead to divorce.

Of course, this isn’t to say this is why all husbands and wives end up getting a divorce, although it is one significant factor. However, regardless of the reasoning, if you know you will be going through a divorce soon, make sure to have legal representation to answer any questions that may arise during the process.

Source: Newstrack India, “Couples vying on whose office day was worse ‘may end up in divorce’,” Feb. 19, 2012

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