Father hopeful that child custody battle will turn in his favor

For many men, the day they found out they were going to be a dad, was one of the happiest days of their life. Sadly, this joy can quickly turn to sorrow when the mother of the child purposely takes steps to take the biological father out of the picture.

One father, who knows this first hand, is distraught over the fact that he has only gotten the chance to see his daughter once in four years. This lack of visitation is due to the fact that the mother of the child let her brother and sister-in law, who live in another state, legally adopt the child.

Now, the father is in an emotional and frustrating child custody battle in order to once again see his daughter.

In the very beginning, when he learned that the birthmother was planning on allowing their daughter to be adopted, he quickly reacted and signed the state’s un-wed father registry, which meant that his rights as a father should have been protected. However, the state where the daughter was adopted has not been enforcing his legal rights, which is why the child custody case is yet to be resolved.

However, things are starting to look up for the father, as the other state’s Supreme Court reversed the lower court’s decision, which means the case will be revisited. For now, the father is just hoping that this recent ruling is a step in the right direction to reuniting him with his daughter.

Of course, for any father reading this story, the idea of not being allowed to see your child is surely heartbreaking. This is why it is very important that if you are an unwed father in Missouri that you legally establish paternity, and quickly contact a family law attorney as soon as the mother of the child — or her family members — try to get in the way of your custody rights as a father.

Source: Fox 31 Denver, “Colorado father fights for custody of daughter adopted in Utah,” Jon Bowman, Jan. 30, 2012

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