New Year brings paternity questions for many

Establishing who the father is of a child is important not only for that child, but also for matters concerns child custody, visitation, child support and father’s rights. And, it turns out that going into the New Year, many men plan on wanting to know once and for all if they are indeed the father of a child — or even children — through a paternity test.

According to a study commissioned by Identigene, which sells over-the-counter paternity tests, one in 10 people have reported having questions about paternity. Another one in five people also reported that while those questions have not applied to them directly, they did know a family member or close friend with those paternity questions.

When looking at why paternity questions seem to be on the increase, some sources point to the fact that more people are having children out of wedlock. Additionally, talk-show type shows like “Maury” and “Jerry Springer,” where the paternity of a child is a central theme in many episodes, may bring the issue more to the forefront of men’s minds.

The same Identigene survey also found that of those who have paternity questions, 51 percent reported wanting answers in 2012. Included in that percentage were also people who want paternity questions answered, but do not know where to even start to look for answers.

If you are a father who recently took an over-the-counter paternity test, or even just want help on where to start to establish paternity, an attorney who focuses on family law and paternity is a good place to start to ensure that your rights are protected in the future.

Source: 14 News WFIE Evansville, “Survey: 1 in 10 question paternity,” Theresa Seiger, Dec. 27, 2011

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