Divorce in the cards for Seal and Heidi Klum

Every year since their marriage in 2005, musician Seal and his model and TV show host wife Heidi Klum would make the romantic gesture to renew their vows. For many, this was a sign of true love and a celebrity couple that was destined to make it. However, like many couples, the two recently released a statement that they will be filing for divorce.

One source, who was also close to recently split up Marc Antony and Jennifer Lopez, said the two celebrity couples shared a common trait: either being constantly affection and in love, or fighting with one another.

When looking at what happened to break-up the once happy couple, rumors have it that each of their careers was getting in the way, as Klum was busy with hosting “Project Runway,” and Seal was away on a music tour.

For now the two are saying that they had seven years of happy marriage, and that the two still have a deep level of respect for each other.

No word has yet been made on how custody will be split for the couple’s children. Klum and Seal have three children together, and Klum also has one daughter from a previous relationship.

As of now, it would appear that the two will have an uncontested divorce. However, it is important to remember that sometimes a divorce can start up amicable, but then when it comes to property division and child custody decisions, that niceness can quickly turn to an all out courtroom battle.

Source: Chicago Sun Times, “Heidi Klum, Seal ready to say ‘Auf Wiedersehen’,” Bill Zwecker, Jan. 22, 2012

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