Hulk Hogan’s wife received $7.44 million in divorce settlement

The details of the property and asset division of well-known wrestler Hulk Hogan’s divorce were recently made public. And while it’s unknown exactly how Hulk Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, feels about the settlement, one thing for sure is that his ex-wife was able to walk away with a pretty penny or two following the couple’s divorce.

For Bollea and his wife, Linda Bollea, the couple married in 1983 and had two children, Brooke and Nick. But since the two were grown at the time of their divorce, issues like child support were unnecessary. However, the settlement details information related to property, marital assets and company ownership, and how those would all be divided.

The divorce settlement itself was kept confidential until recently when Bollea filed a motion. He is currently disputing how much his ex-wife should be able to receive from his company earnings. His attorney claims for her to receive $126,000 in revenue is faulty, as that would be 40 percent of gross income and not 40 percent of new revenue, like the couple’s divorce settlement states.

However, that dispute aside, his ex-wife still received quite a bit in their divorce. In fact, she ended up receiving more than 70 percent of the $10.41 million that the couple had in bank accounts and investments. This means she walked away with $7.44 million, while Bollea only received $2.97 million.

In addition to the division of the liquid assets, she also will receive a total of $3 million in a property settlement.

But, on a bright note for Bollea, even though his ex-wife received a larger percentage of the couple’s liquid assets, and also got to keep things like a Rolls-Royce and Cadillac Escalade, he too was able to hold on to numerous vehicles, and does not have to pay alimony.

But what do you think of the settlement? Do you think that his ex-wife deserves everything she received in the settlement? Or do you think she was simply able to cash out on a famous celebrity?

Source: St. Petersburg Times, “Ex-wife put Hulk Hogan against ropes in divorce settlement,” Rita Farlow, Nov. 22, 2011

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