Country singer Rodney Atkins denies domestic violence allegations

However, Atkins has a completely different side to the story, and said that the two were just verbally arguing, and that it never turned physical. He claims that while arguing, his No. 1 priority was his son; and that he did not want the child to have to hear mom and dad fight. However, even though he wanted to not be arguing where the child could hear, his wife quickly called police and gave her side of the story, which is “completely untrue.”

Now in the divorce filing, each spouse is claiming that the other displayed inappropriate marital conduct. His ex-wife is seeking child support, full child custody, alimony and an equal split of the couple’s assets. Atkins is asking the courts for joint custody of the couple’s child.

At this point, an attorney representing Atkins said police never witnessed any kind of physical attack, and that the entire situation is coming down to Atkins’ word against his soon-to-be ex-wife’s.

Looking to the future, these domestic violence allegations will also most likely play out in court since each spouse is seeking a different custody arrangement. And while Atkins has not come out and accused his ex of making up lies to get an upper hand in the divorce, domestic violence accusations are sometimes used in court as a way to paint one parent in a negative light.

Because of this, if you are someone who is going through a divorce and have domestic violence allegations against you, it is very important to contact a family law attorney to defend yourself against those claims.

Source: The Washington Post, “Country singer Rodney Atkins files for divorce, attorney denies assault in statement,” Dec. 15, 2011

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