Mother loses custody after 2-year-old wanders away from home

Due to a mother’s alleged neglect, a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old are now staying with their father. And, aside from losing custody of the children to their father, it also seems that the mother will end up being charged with child abuse.

The incident happened on Monday when a passerby noticed a toddler boy wandering near a state road. The 2-year-old was barefoot, in pajamas, hugging a blanket and crying.

When deputies brought the boy back to his mother — who was at her mother’s house — she reportedly admitted to being under the influence and not even knowing that her son had gotten outside about half an hour prior. In that time the little boy had wandered almost a mile away from the house.

The mother reportedly told deputies that she has been drinking the night before and had taken a pain pill. At the time that her 2-year-old opened the sliding glass door and wandered off, she was supposedly busy on the computer.

After the incident the state’s department of children and families removed the 2-year-old, and also a 6-year-old, and brought them to go live with their father.

As of now it has not been mentioned if this move to live with their father will be permanent, but going by the circumstances of why the children were removed, the father may have a good chance of winning primary custody of both of his children.

In general, in these types of situations where there are allegations of abuse and neglect, it is important for any concerned parent to talk with a qualified attorney to make sure that the children are safe and living with a responsible parent.

Source: WESH, “Local Mom Loses Custody Of 2 Children,” Oct. 3, 2011

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