Missouri speaker of the house filing for divorce

Even the most successful of individuals can be confronted with a family breakup. And this can include couples in a longstanding happily married relationship. It was just recently announced that the Missouri Speaker of the House, Steve Tilley, will be divorcing his wife. The two were married for 18 years and have raised two daughters. The stress of their demanding schedules was one reason given for why they are seeking a divorce. Another reason given was that the two were emotionally growing apart.

Since more and more couples are seeking divorce while approaching retirement age, the husband and wife are finding themselves in a unique circumstance. It’s important to note that though divorces of this type are becoming more common, divorces involving older couples were almost unheard of thirty or forty years ago.

Considerations of dividing up property that has long been assumed to be the property of both spouses, figuring out how the two will financially survive their retirement ages, and even custodial issues involving grandchildren are now matters that will need to be worked out in a marital separation. Such situations will require the assistance of a family law attorney sensitive to the needs of older couples and experienced in handling these types of situations.

Over the past decade there has been a trend for otherwise happily married couples to end their relationship after several years. Generally, neither party is at fault. However, with individuals living longer and with both husbands and wives taking on new professional opportunities at a more advanced age, it is not surprising to see more older couples filing for divorce.

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