Father claims his ex entrapped him to win custody

A 49-year-old father recently lost a custody battle with this ex wife in court, and claims that his ex used entrapment to gain an unfair advantage in the settlement.

According to sources, the unusual case goes back to when the couple was still in a contentious divorce and child custody battle. At the time, the man supposedly met two women online through a dating site, and decided to go on a date to the Old Spaghetti Factory. However, what the man did not know was that the two women were actually decoys that were being used to set the man up; and that the entire meet up was put together by a private investigator his ex had hired.

Once at the restaurant, the father supposedly had a few drinks with one of the women, before she suggested that the two go to another bar. The man agreed, and the two left to go drive off to the next establishment.

However, unknown to him at the time, the private investigator was watching and videotaping the whole thing, and promptly called an off-duty police officer to report a drunk driver. The man was subsequently pulled over and cited for alleged drunk driving.

Now, the man is claiming that due to being set up for the drunk driving citation, he has since lost the custody battle with his ex wife, and his ex has also been awarded 90 percent of the couple’s community property. Now he wants the divorce settlement thrown out.

As of now a hearing has been set for October.

Source: ABC News, “Man Accuses Ex-Wife of DUI Sting in Child Custody Battle,” Laura Riparbelli, Aug. 2, 2011

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