Schwarzenegger changes alimony on divorce filing to yes

While it’s not 100 percent known why Arnold Schwarzenegger at first expressed interest in not paying his soon-to-be ex wife Maria Shriver spousal support, some are saying that the former governor may have decided for public relations reasons it’s better to offer not only alimony payments, but also to pay for legal counsel.

The very public divorce filing goes back to June 1 when Shriver filed citing irreconcilable differences. She also checked boxes on her filing related to wanting financial support for legal counsel and alimony.

However, in Schwarzenegger’s divorce filing he checked a box indicating the opposite, and marked that he did not want to pay spousal support.

These divorce filings also came after the couple announced their separation, and word broke that Schwarzenegger had fathered a child with the family’s housekeeper. That child is now a teenager.

When looking at why Schwarzenegger may have at first checked a box indicating that he did not want to pay spousal support, only to later amend that paperwork to show he was willing to, some say that in a high-asset divorce it’s not uncommon for the spouse with the most money to assume that a multi-million dollar settlement is financially good enough, and that alimony is unnecessary.

In addition, with all of the negative press regarding Schwarzenegger and his family issues, there is also a good chance that he has agreed to the idea of alimony as a way to try and mend his tarnished public image.

Aside from spousal support, Shriver’s filing also states that she is seeking joint custody for the couple’s two minor children. The other two children between the couple are already over the age of 18.

As of now, Shriver and Schwarzenegger are not legally divorced, and some speculate that the couple will reach a divorce settlement out of the public eye.

Source: TIME, “Spousal Support for Maria Shriver? Schwarzenegger Says No, Then Yes,” Bonnie Rochman, 27 July 2011

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