Primary custody being awarded to fathers more accepted

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the past ten years there has been a 27.3 percent increase in the number of households led by single parent fathers. And while the number of single dads is still less than the number of single mothers, the fact that there has at least been an increase shows that there seems to be a greater acceptance of the idea of a father being awarded primary or joint custody.

More single fathers are also willing to endure the court proceedings in order to win primary custody of their children.

One 59-year-old father recently shared his story, saying that after he and his girlfriend split up, he at first just accepted a regular visitation schedule. However, after some more thought about it he decided that just visitation wasn’t enough, and he decided to go on a four year battle to win primary custody of his son.

And this 59-year-old father isn’t alone, as recent numbers show that single fathers comprise a total of 8 percent of American households with children. That compares with 6.3 percent just a decade ago and only 1.1 percent in 1950.

When looking at part of the reason that more and more men are gaining full custody, sources point to the fact that not only has the general idea of parenting and co-parenting changed, but that as more women have joined the workforce, the idea of a father being the primary caregiver is more accepted.

And, aside from being awarded primary custody, joint custody is also now the norm as ever state now has some sort of law showing favoritism toward joint or co-parenting.

Source: Bloomberg, “Single-Dad Courtroom Wins Show Greater Embrace of New Families,” Joel Stonington and Frank Bass, 24 July 2011

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