Mother lies about ex to try and win custody of their kids

Child custody battles between two parents can get pretty heated, and in some situations one parent will even make allegations against the other as a way to try and win custody. Recently this happened when a 21-year-old mother lied to police about her ex breaking a restraining order.

According to sources, the woman had called police at approximately 1:30 a.m. and claimed that her ex had just violated the restraining order she had against him by showing up at her apartment intoxicated and yelling at her. She also claimed that he threatened to shoot her.

The mother claimed that the day before he had also come over to her apartment to see their children, but she had turned him away.

However, upon hearing this woman’s claims police had their suspicions and spoke with the woman’s neighbor who said she didn’t hear anything coming from the apartment all night.

After speaking with the neighbor police also called the father’s home to question him on what had happened, which is when the true story came out that the woman was lying to police about the entire incident, and seemed to have been trying to trap him into breaking the restraining order in an attempt to gain custody of the couple’s two children.

According to the father, the day before he knew that the children would be dropped off at his home, so he actually left for his grandfather to watch them to ensure that he did not break the restraining order by having contact with his ex.

However, when he was coming back to the home his ex was there and tried talking to him, but he did not respond and went back into his home to once again make sure he did not break the order. At that point, his grandfather also asked the woman to leave.

Later that afternoon the father left to go to work, where he remained until 2:10 a.m., which would have made it impossible for him to show up intoxicated at her apartment at 1:30 a.m. The man’s boss was also able to confirm that he was at work the entire time.

At this point the 21-year-old woman has pleaded guilty to attempting to influence a public official and will be sentenced for the crime on Aug. 17.

Source: The Tribune, “Woman falsely accuses ex-boyfriend trying to get upper-hand in custody battle,” Sharon Dunn, 11 July 2011

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