Study finds that long commutes increase the chances of divorce

Have to drive a long way every day just to get to work? Maybe the office is 30 minutes each way, or maybe it’s even an hour – or longer – each way. And while this might be somewhat frustrating to the person who has to spend hours every week driving to and from work, it turns out that it may also increase their chance of divorce.

According to a recent study, those commuters who are just starting a long travel to work had a 40 percent higher chance of divorce. In addition, it was found that this phenomena effects those who are new to commuting more so than those who have been doing it for years.

And, while this study may have some assuming that working for home would be one solution, divorce lawyers say that’s not the answer as those who telecommute have even more of a strain in their marriage than those who commute long distances. In addition, the switch from going to the office to working from home can be particularly stressful for a spouse who is used to the other being gone for 12 hours a day.

Many experts say that working from home creates added stress on a marriage due to the fact that there is just not enough space.

Overall there is no perfect answer, and while commuting may add stress to a marriage, plenty of couples have also been affected by other circumstances, like the strained economy. So while commuting may be part of the equation, many couples normally have several factors that add extra stress to a marriage and increase the chance of a divorce

Source: CBS New York, “Study: Long Commute Could Lead To Divorce, Separation,” 25 May 2011

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