Father arrested on warrants for owing $214,647 in child support

Failing to pay child support is an offense that can carry with it some rather serious consequences. And while a parent may be able to skirt by without paying for some time, there are typically officials working for the state who are specifically on the lookout for those parents who have fallen behind or are refusing to make their court-ordered payments.

Recently one 41-year-old father learned this first hand when he was arrested for supposedly owing more than $200,000 in child support.

According to sources the father owes $214,647 to five separate families, and was arrested last week on all five separate felonies for failing to pay.

“If you have the ability, but refuse to support your children we will hold you accountable,” the state’s attorney general was quoted saying about this 41-year-old father’s arrest and other parents who may owe child support.

When looking at this case from a Missouri standpoint, those parents who owe may be contacted by Missouri Division of Child Support Enforcement, which is the department that actively tries to locate those parents who have not made their required child support payments.

In Missouri – aside from warrants – those who fail to pay their court-ordered child support payments can also find themselves having their wages garnished, liens placed on personal property and their driver’s license suspended. Lottery winnings, as well as state and federal income tax returns, can also be intercepted.

Because of these serious consequences, it’s best to follow all legal channels when it comes to child support, and if financially making payments is really an issue, it’s best to start exploring what modification options may be available to an existing court order.

Source: My Fox Detroit, “Detroit Police Arrest Man Who Owes $214,000 in Child Support,” 27 May 2011

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