Keanu Reeves paternity case highlights importance of DNA tests

A lawsuit that involved Keanu Reeves highlighted just how critical it is to establish who the biological father of a child is, and how some mothers will make claims in order to secure child support.

In the paternity case involving Reeves, a mother of four now-adult children was attempting to claim that he was the father of at least one of the children. In addition to claiming that he was the father, the woman was also demanding millions of dollars in not only back child support payments, but also spousal support.

Reeves cleared the entire accusation up by taking a DNA test to prove that he was not the father. However, unhappy with the results of the test, the woman decided to go back to court once again, only this time to contest the results of the DNA test.

In the end, a judge dismissed the case and Reeves has been cleared of all allegations of being the father to any of the woman’s children.

While in this case, the woman was attempting to claim Reeves’ was the father of her child – and was also looking for millions in child support and alimony payments – quite often paternity suits can go the other way, meaning that a father is desperately trying to establish that he is in fact the father to be able to secure his rights as a father.

Regardless of what side of the case a person is on, it is important to get a DNA paternity test that is performed accurately to determine what steps, if any, need to be taken next.

Source: Toronto Sun, “Reeves: ‘Paternity suit horrible,’” 6 April 2011

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