Divorce battle continues with who owns the Dodgers

Since 2009 Frank and Jamie McCourt have been in an ongoing property division divorce battle over who owns the Los Angeles Dodgers. At hand is whether Frank McCourt is the sole owner of the team, or if Jamie is entitled to partial ownership. As of now no set-in-stone decision has been made in the property division case, but the couple’s court date has been moved to May 11 to give the two more time for possible negotiating.

As of now Frank McCourt contends that he is the sole owner, and will remain the sole owner no matter what. And – in December when a judge dismissed an agreement that would have made Frank the sole owner – he announced he would be bringing the property agreement back to court for a second trial.

At that time, Jamie said the agreement being dismissed proved she owned 50 percent of the team. She also said that she would create an investment group for the purpose of buying out her ex husband’s interest.

Since then, Frank has not re-filed the court case, and Jamie has not mentioned any investors who would be interested in being partners.

Aside from the once talked about investment group, in the past Jamie McCourt has also agreed to letting her ex-husband buy her out, but has not accepted any of his offers.

Originally the two were supposed to be in court next week for an April 11 hearing, however, the court date has moved to May 11, which may give the couple and their attorneys more time to work out some kind of settlement.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Frank and Jamie McCourt working quietly on a settlement,” Bill Shaikin, 29 March 2011

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