Modifications may be available in Missouri after a parent loses a job

With a downed economy it could be harder to keep a job or even find a job, and because of this, children are suffering financially if their non-custodial parent can either not afford to pay child support, or is paying a lot less than he or she used to.

According to sources, right now the states have a number of ways to get unpaid child support, including not only garnishing wages but also unemployment checks. But with almost 10 percent of the population out of a job, and modifications of child support orders becoming more and more possible for many, the states’ ability to collect becomes harder.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 2009 was the first year in more than 30 years that child support payments fell in the U.S. Before then, non-custodial parents were getting better and better at making payments on time. However, when the economy fell, it took an effect on not only the number of bankruptcies filed and foreclosures, but also the sheer number of people who became delinquent in payments.

So far the numbers have not been released for 2010, but sources claim that the paid child support rate will have most likely continued to of decreased.

Aside from unemployment rates being high, underemployment rates are also at 17 percent. An example of this would be that someone who just makes minimum wage, however, that same person could have made double to triple that years ago, until he or she was laid off. This decrease in pay will then also greatly affect how much money is even available to pay for child support.

No matter what the situation is: underpaid or unable to even find a job, in the state of Missouri there are options available to non-custodial parents who are having problems coming up with their court-ordered payments. In Missouri, parents have the right to have their child support orders reviewed anytime there is a significant increase or decrease in income. This review could result in a modification to the existing child support order and may make the payments more affordable.

Source: Daily Finance, “Another Victim of the Recession: Child Support Payments,” Danny King, 1 Jan 2011

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