Just got divorced? You might end up even healthier

While divorce can be troubling and trying on any man, a recent study has come out saying that in the end men might actually get healthier after getting out of the marriage.

According to researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden those who have gone through a divorce have a significantly higher increase in exercise. The study claims that since these divorced men are now single there is more of a societal pressure to keep themselves fit and attractive to increase the odds of finding someone new.

The study, which was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, studied 9,000 men and women over an eight year time period. Both men and women were routinely tested on treadmills to see what level his and her fitness was at. However, when comparing men and women, according to the researchers, divorce did not have an impact on the women’s level of health.

However, according to sources, if the same man who was working out and staying in shape ends up meeting someone new and gets remarried, he will fall back into the married men category, which according to sources, means a person is more likely to let themselves go, and therefore not exercise as much.

In addition to this study’s findings, going through a divorce — or even just recently divorcing — can be very stressful, and experts agree that exercise is a great mood elevator. According to the Mayo Clinic, physical activity actually stimulates chemicals in the brain, which can make a person feel happier and more confident.

So whether a man is thinking about divorce, going through a divorce or even just coping with a recent split, exercise can help a person’s overall mood and well-being, whether he is looking to start dating again or not.

Source: Fox Atlanta, “Study Finds Men Get Healthy After Divorce,” 12 Dec 2010

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