Judge attempts to take paternity test for the second time

A Texas judge has agreed to take a paternity test to prove whether or not he is the father of a 17-year-old boy.

The issue is now coming to light, as the mother of the teenager is taking him to court for back child support, which if it turns out he is the father, the judge says he is more than happy to pay.

“I’m I’m the father, let’s do this legally and correctly,” the judge, who solely works with family law cases said.

According to sources, the judge and the mother had a brief relationship in the early 90s’, and it wasn’t even until after the relationship ended that the woman found out she was pregnant.

Then, at some point in the mid-90s’, when the woman was filing for federal assistance, the paternity of the boy was questioned. The Texas Attorney General’s Office then started a paternity case, however, when the judge showed up in court for the paternity test, the mother and child had taken off. According to sources, in 1998 the case was dismissed.

The judge’s attorney said that since the mother skipped out on the whole paternity test, his client assumed he wasn’t the father.

But now, 16 years after the original paternity case was filed, the woman is now looking for back child support, medical insurance for the 17-year-old and a DNA test to determine that the judge is indeed the father of the boy. According to the woman’s attorney, the back child support could be around $300,000.

When asked why she waited until now to actually go through with the paternity test, the woman claims that with the boy getting older, he is also getting more expensive.

Source: Conroe Courier, “Woman suing judge for paternity, child support,” Nancy Flake, 24 Nov 2010

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