NBA player fighting for custody of two boys

NBA player Dwyane Wade, who plays for the Miami Heat, is taking a vow to not give up, only he’s not referring to basketball. Rather he’s talking about his ongoing custody battle.

Wade, who’s made headlines during his free-agency decision a few months ago, has also been making headlines as he and his ex-wife and former high school sweetheart, Siohvaughn Funches. The two have been going through a brutal divorce and bitter child custody battle since 2007. Wade wants full custody of both the couple’s children.

According to ESPN, Wade is in court fighting for Zaire, 8, and Zion, 3, as he has concerns regarding the children’s safety if his ex-wife receives child custody. In addition to safety concerns, Wade has also said he doesn’t trust any type of arrangement that involves Funches being in control of the exchanges between the two parents and the children, as she has already once before left him very disappointed when his children supposedly did not show up for what would have been a very memorable occasion.

Wade, according to sources, is referring to the time he was supposed to have his children during an All-Star Weekend in February, however, the two boys allegedly never showed up. That weekend Wade was the most valuable player, trophy and all, which is something his two boys did not get to share with him.

According to sources, when Wade was asked about the differences between his basketball career decisions and decisions surrounding the custody of his children, the answer was very clear.

“This is not just about the next five or 10 years of my career,” he said. “This is about the next 40 or 50 years of my life.”

Resource: ESPN, “Wade making good choices off court,” Michael Wallace, 20 Oct 2010

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