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At Stange Law Firm, LLC, we understand how to address your specific needs when it comes to aggressively defending your rights as a father – particularly in the areas of divorcechild custodychild supportvisitation, paternity and other areas of family law. Contact our St. Louis Office at 314-963-4700, our St. Charles Office at 636-940-5900 or our Jefferson County (Arnold) Office at 636-296-3060 for more information on how we can help.

Our intention with this blog is to provide an opportunity for you to gain insight and become better informed about the legal process of dealing with any family or domestic challenges you may be facing. And, hopefully, to offer useful information and interesting reading, as well as to serve as a resource for connecting you with quality legal representation

Our experienced family law attorneys understand that emotions can run high when dealing with the issues that may arise for dads during and after a divorce, legal separation or the paternity process. We also understand that as a father, your priority is what’s best for your children. Our priority is looking after your best interests. We will make sure that you’re informed every step of the way as we proceed in obtaining satisfactory results through the court system. With a focus on empathy and personal attention, we take pride in being advocates on your behalf, offering clear explanations throughout the case while striving to assert your rights in seeking a fair and appropriate judgment.

Stange Law Firm of Missouri is well aware of the countless variables when it comes to cases involving father’s rights such as child support obligations, modifications or child custody disputes, and calculations can be complicated. By creating this blog, we hope that information is power to fathers as they approach their cases and concerns, armed with current and relevant information that may help them in making the decisions that will affect their families and their future.

This online discussion is meant to be interactive. This is why we turned stlfathers rights into a blog versus the website it had been since originating in 2007.  We look forward to your thoughts and opinions regarding this blog, so please feel free to comment on any of our postings. You can also visit our website for more information about family law, or contact us online with any questions you may have about legal representation.

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